The Joy of Giving

Who remembers as a child that magical moment of receiving a gift? That anticipation of a wrapped present which was a mystery story with an ending that was guaranteed to be truly memorable? You didn’t know what was inside, but you knew it had been chosen especially for you. How magical was that?

The joy of making someone happy is truly magical. It is more powerful than you could have possibly imagined as a child. The happiness and joy you feel when witnessing people unwrap a gift and respond with unadulterated amazement and happiness is the real magic. You have made them smile, and that’s worth far more than money or any material item. 

Money can’t buy happiness unless you spend it on others. That's a fact! Research has shown that giving makes us far happier than receiving. Thus, in a way, we are actually being both selfish and selfless by giving to others.

Numerous studies have shown that giving money to others or to charity will put a much bigger smile on your face than spending on yourself. Not only is it good for us as individuals, but 'giving' is also important for us collectively as a human species. Generosity makes us human and keeps life going.

We have survived and thrived because we take care of one another. Generosity is, in part, a survival instinct. Even the simple act of sharing food or shelter with another person is an example of humanity’s intrinsic generosity. If we were an overwhelmingly selfish species, we would’ve gone extinct a long time ago. By giving to one another, we have prolonged the survival of the human community. It’s built into our neurochemistry.

So every day, we like to remind ourselves of all the reasons that the joy of giving is actually really good for you. We hope you will too.


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