Donuts: Delicious, Decadent & Delivered To Your Door!

Ahh…donuts, truly the stuff dreams are made of. 

At Edible Blooms, we make treating the donut lover in your life easy and delicious. 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, offering congratulations, or simply want to deliver a bit WOW, our gourmet donuts always make a sweet impression. 

And options? Yeah - we got ‘em! 

We now offer a variety of donut gifts available for delivery in Auckland, select major cities and New Zealand wide. Our donuts are fluffy-soft and come with a decadent variety of chocolate coatings and creamy fillings. Honesty…the only problem with our donuts is they are so good, you may just have to order an extra box!

Donut Cakes

Created for Auckland donut delivery 

What better way to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY than a deliciously scrumptious Donut Surprise Birthday Cake? The number one ingredient in our donut cakes is (of course) donuts! But what incredible donuts they are…filled with Berry, Nutella and Caramel and then drizzled in luscious Belgian chocolate, topped with fresh strawberries, chocolate stars, pretzels and goodies. A special number or letter created with donuts means there's plenty for everyone to share.

Donut Letter Cakes

You can customise your own donut letter cake! Let us know what single letter you want and we’ll take it from there. 

Donut Number Cakes

Customise a single or double digit donut cake

Donut Gift Boxes and Bouquets 

Created for Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch donut delivery, our donut bouquets and boxes come with smiles guaranteed.



Donut Gift Boxes

Our donut gift boxes are seriously like nothing you’ve ever seen before. They are the perfect treat for those who are looking for something fresh. Our donut gift boxes can be all about the donuts or combined with other sweet treats and something to sip, like beer, wine, champagne or gin. 

Donut Gifts

Created for delivery New Zealand wide

We’re thrilled to say you now can send our delicious donut boxes to addresses in major towns throughout New Zealand. These boxes have been designed specially to travel overnight on express delivery service to make sure they are as fresh as possible when they arrive. There’s loads to choose from.

Congratulations Donut Treat Box

Filled mini-donuts combined with Honeycomb Cubes, Speckles, Coconut Apricots, assorted Lindt chocolates and a “Congratulations” chocolate speckle.


Happy Birthday Donut Treat Box

The Edible Blooms Donut box is the perfect way to surprise a special friend or someone you love on their birthday! Indulge in delicious Gourmet donuts and chocolates to celebrate a birthday milestone.

Pals Gin And Donut Gift Box

A box of donuts mixed with licorice allsorts, chocolates and other goodies - Yum! 

Even more Donut Boxes featuring:

Craft beer, sparkling wine and champagne!

Every single one of our delicious donut gifts is made to make you smile. So donut think twice, send one today!

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