To date, we’ve donated over $50,000.00 to many charities and Not For Profit organisations, and while we’ve loved spreading the love, we always wanted something big. Something so big that we could own it. We want to get to the grassroots and make a difference. A big difference.

We are so excited that we found it.

In 2017 we put our thinking caps on, and we wanted to support a charity that was close to our hearts, and we have found this.  

We’re pleased to announce that we are proud supporters of the fantastic work of the Cerebral Palsy Society.

The Cerebral Palsy Society’s mission is to “Enhance the lives of people with Cerebral Palsy”, and why this sits with the values of Edible Blooms, it had more impact with Sarah, the owner of Edible Blooms NZ. Sarah’s family have were blessed with the arrival of cousin Craig 30 years ago and they know first-hand how difficult life can be for Craig and seeing what the society is doing has been amazing, but they can do some much more with the support.  

We’re committed to helping these guys, and with everything we do at Edible Blooms – we do it with all our heart and soul.

Just wanted to pass on my thanks to Sarah and the whole team. Firstly - because your beautiful edible bouquet (sent to my wife) scrumptious...and has improved my standing on the unwritten romantic measurement scale slightly. Secondly - for your support of the Cerebral Palsy Society...our son Hamish (19) has we know that extraordinarily tough journey well (plus my wife is a super she deserves the bouquet for a whole range of reasons). I love, love, love the fact that you have made that commitment to 'give back' - so you now have my absolute devotion as a client (big thanks). Regards Peter

Sadly, this does mean that for the unforeseeable future, we won’t be supporting any other charities and Not For Profit organisations.

Thanks so much for checking in, and please continue to.

Best of luck with your fundraising endeavours.

Sarah and the Edible Blooms NZ Team