The Smile Bandits are here!

Edible Blooms have recruited an elite undercover team that go by the name of the Smile Bandits! Their mission  (and they have chosen to accept it!)  is to deliver random acts of kindness for the Edible Blooms NZ community to enjoy.

At every opportunity the Smile Bandits are on the lookout to create more happiness, ready to act at any moment to deliver free and unexpected smiles straight to your door.

So how can you get involved?

The Smile Bandits do need your help in locating  these persons of interest.  To put someone on the Smile Bandits hit list and surprise them with an abundance of happiness, secretly go to our socials on Instagram and Facebook and nominate someone by telling us the reason why they deserve to be the Smile Bandits' next target. Don't forget to #smilebandits

If you'd like to be extra secretive you can always send us a DM.

You never know... the Smile Bandits may pay you a visit next and deliver a smile.

P.S. If you see a Smile Bandit there's a reward - they are very sneaky though and hard to spot! Just let us know...